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How to Add “Products” to Your WordPress Online Store or Catelog…

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Adding products to an online catelog or to sell online is as easy as adding new posts to your WordPress site.

We’ll be using “WooCommerce” a WordPress plugin that seamlessly adds cutting edge “ecommerce” capabilities to your WordPress website.

First, you’ll need to login to your wordpress site.

Now click “Products” in the left column navigation. Here you’ll be taken to an overview of all of the products you’ve added to your website.

Click on “Add New” and you’ll be greeted with a text editor that I find easier to use than Microsoft Word™…

  1. Give Your Product a Title – The thin box at the top that says “Product name” is where you put in your title for your product.
  2. Type a Description – In the large box below the title you may write as large a description as you want inserting images into your description by clicking “Add Media”. These images are optional and separate from the “Product Images” that will be displayed in a gallery at the top of the product page. You may also embedd videos.
  3. Select a Category for Your Product – Categories and subcategories are how you organize your “catelog” and make is a breeze for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. Your main shop page will generally be a nicely displayed list of your categories, and when people click a category they begin seeing products. You can also setup your store to display in any other way you choose. Select your category under the “Product categories” heading in the right hand column. If the category you need has yet to be created click “Add New Category”, give it a name and select a “Parent Category” if it is to be a subcategory and not top-level.
  4. Add Your “Product Gallery” Images – First, add your “Product Image”. This image will be representative of your product and will be its “Thumbnail” image when displayed in your store. It will also feature prominently on your product page. Now select additional images to add to the gallery by clicking “Add product gallery images” under the “Product Gallery” heading.
  5. Add the Price of Your Product – At the bottom of the edit product page you’ll find the “Product data” box above the “Product short description box”. Under “Regular price” add your price.
  6. Now Save Your Product! (Congratulations You Just Added a Product to Your WordPress Shop!) Just click “Publish” at the top right of the edit product page or click “Save Draft” if you need to get back to editing it later…