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How I Get You More Business…

Nothing else matters.

You’re not here for “likes”, for “engagement” or to make friends on the internet.

You want more customers or clients… right?

You want a system bringing you more and more of your ideal prospects.

A finely tuned machine that is tracked, measured and improved over time using scientific testing.

A pipeline that you own and control…

… where no third party website can leave you high and dry as all your hard work on that platform slips through your fingers when they decide to change their terms-of-service or business model.

When you build out an Online Presence that you own, you can simply connect the newest platform when all the users abandon ship and flock to the next thing… or the platform decides to screw over small business owners and your efforts are no longer paying off there.

You plug your social media, video, audio and other third party platforms into the top of your funnel, and then use powerful analytics to make absolutely sure that your efforts are paying off and growing your business.

But before spending that effort you would be wise to build out your funnel and test it first using “Pay Per Click” Advertising – starting small and tracking every cent… and testing and improving over time.

You can know your marketing efforts will pay off…

… because you’ve already tested your funnel and proven it a winner!

And you can continue to “split test” what’s working and grow your results over time.

Paid Online Advertising and Organic Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand, one informing the other.

They are Ying and Yang and together we will synergize them to fuel your business with new clients… expanding on what’s working to grow your business and eliminating what’s not.

Starting with “Pay Per Click” we will test the search terms, ad copy, and “landing page” experience we think will best transform eager searchers into your next happy clients.

Your ad (laser targeted to your ideal prospect) starts running in minutes, you ONLY pay when someone clicks, and you get to determine your daily ad spend budget.

Once you’ve validated your strategy and proved that searchers are converting into happy clients at an acceptable (or astounding) rate, NOW it’s time to begin the efforts required to rank “Organically” for those search terms.

Don’t spend months and $$$ ranking for something that doesn’t bring you business… test it first!

If you would like to learn more about how I can help your business with your goals for its future, then claim your free Online Marketing Blueprint.

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I would love to have the opportunity to help you move from where you are now to an effective online presence bringing you happy new customers consistently and profitably

Working together, we’ll first take an in-depth look at where you are now (if you have an online presence). Then, we’ll use past performance and customer actions to determine what is working now… as well as what may be less effective.

I’ll work with you to create a sketch of any new designs to implement… and craft a step-by-step action plan to reach your goals…

But just “having” a website isn’t enough! Working together, we’ll connect your effective web presence to your ideal new customers:

  • We’ll get to the $$$ quickly. Just because you have a website it doesn’t mean that anyone will ever see it. And even if someone does manage to stumble upon it – just “having a website” won’t make them buy. Together, we’ll optimize your online strategy so your site becomes your business’s very own “digital salesperson”…
  • Provably profitable “Pay Per Click” advertising. We’ll start by carefully analyzing your market and hand-picking only the highest-quality keywords most-likely to profitably convert clickers into customers. Every dollar tracked and analyzed… expand across the internet as you’re campaigns grow more effective!
  • Optimize your site for search. Once you know (from Pay Per Click testing) which search terms are your most popular and profitable – and we’ve created and optimized content proven to convert visitors into customers – then you’re perfectly positioned to begin dominating the Search Engines.
  • Expand as you grow. Move up to the fastest hosting on Amazon’s Elastic Servers and Content Delivery Network for blazing fast load times. Expand your product offerings and Online Campaigns to grow along with your profits!

You’ll always know EXACTLY where every one of your dollars is going (and how much new business it’s bringing in):

  • In-depth reporting for informed decisions. Continually increase the profitability of your campaigns by staying up-to-date on the ROI of every cent spent. Expand what’s working and eliminate what’s not. Without in-depth analysis of your analytical data you’re shooting a game of darts in the dark.
  • Stay in touch with your customers. Email communication and selling should be the most profitable area of your business. Industry leading email deliverability and “autoresponders” (send a carefully tested series of emails “into the future”!)
  • Top of the line tracking and testing. Real-time analytics hands you up-to-the-minute reports on user-behavior. Make informed decisions by knowing (down to each unique visitor) exactly how your new customers are interacting with your site.
  • Created on the industry-standard “backend” (WordPress). Makes editing and adding to your site as easy as using Microsoft Word™. (You’ll never have to look at a single line of code.) Custom designed for your business…

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I’d love to begin working with you to develop your own effective web presence… and expand your online results with optimized campaigns profitably fueling your business with new customers.

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Our first step…

Working together, we’ll uncover the best strategy to move your online presence from where it is now to the expansion and growth that will transform your business.

At the beginning of our call I will work with you to make sure I understand your goals and where you are now. Then, we’ll uncover the potential online breakthroughs that can take your business to the next level…

… it’s only $17 for our initial half-hour strategy session. After payment you’ll immediately be taken to a convenient form to schedule your appointment that very minute. (Guaranteed availability within 48 hours.)

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-James Day