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Why Do You Need Keyword Research for Effective SEO and Online Advertising?

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Keyword research is essential for maximum SEO and Online Advertising success.

Correctly performed and analysed, keyword research tells you exactly what your target market is searching for and the words they’re using to make that search.

Without the foundation of effective Keyword Research and Analysis you are operating in the dark…

If you’ve already been creating content, we can shine a light on what’s working and improve it for even greater results.

Then, we can see what’s not working and decide whether to breathe new life into it, repurpose it, or eliminate it…

How to Use Keyword Research to Improve or Repurpose Existing Content to Expand Your Results with What You’ve Already Created…

Maybe you’ve written a piece that your site’s visitors love and find valuable – but Google’s not ranking it for keywords that drive traffic.

Using Keyword Research and Rank Tracking, you can see if you have any 2nd or 3rd page rankings for valuable keywords where you have the opportunity to rise to the first page and onto the top by optimizing your content around that keyword (and its supporting keywords).

A quick makeover of quality content that is not delivering the results you desire can have a dramatic effect… if you know what Google needs to see to rank it where it deserves…

… and using effective keyword and competitive research and analysis will tell you exactly what Google wants to see…

How to Use Competitive and Keyword Research to Determine Exactly What Google Wants to See on Your Website…

I’ll tell you a secret. Now you may think I’m treating you like a dummy… but it’s worth hitting this point home because many people overcomplicate SEO.

Google tells you exactly what their idea of the best content that matches Google’s current understanding of the intent behind the Search Term… and Google ranks them in descending order of importance for you.

Simply type the search term keyword into Google and hit search! Just make sure you use “Incognito Mode” so your personalization doesn’t throw off the results and be aware that you’ll need to use Rank Tracking Software if the keyword is “auto repair near me” and you’re not near the location.

Going through the results, you’ll see the type, length, quality, and level of engagement of the content that is ranking.

Now, you know what you’re up against and what you can do to beat it.

That’s Competitive Content Research. Now where does Keyword Research come in?

Keyword Research is all about finding keywords that are being searched for and determining whether you should care…

You must decide whether the keyword is feasible to rank for and is valuable for your business.

If the searchers of a Search Term Keyword don’t buy when they hit your site – what does it matter if you rank if you’re not a news-style website with ads.

Keyword Research allows you to see behind the curtain. You don’t have to guess or wonder, the data is out there…

… and once you have it analysed that data lights your path forward to effective Online Advertising and SEO campaigns.

So how do you perform keyword research?

Get Keywords Everywhere plugin to see keyword data all over the web.
Google Keyword Planner –
SEMRush –

Now that You’ve Identified Your Target Keywords, Why Not Quickly Test Them to See if They’re Worth it Before Investing Time & Money into an SEO Campaign to Rank?

Google Adwords has been called “The Greatest Invention in Advertising Since the Printing Press.” You can get an ad running to your website in minutes and begin testing your target keywords and your landing page design/copy.

Done right, Google Adwords can be a profitable source of traffic to your website… and you can grow and expand your campaigns beyond Google and all throughout the internet using Google’s “Display Network”.

Adwords is a great way to test…

If you can’t get people who click your paid ad in the Search Results page to convert into clients, then what’s the use investing resources into SEO to target that keyword for Organic Rankings?

You already know it doesn’t work – and you’ve just saved resources you can now dedicate to a keyword that’s a proven winner for your business.

Keyword Research is an Iterative Process

Once you’ve exhausted your list of target keywords and you’ve created content for them that’s utilizing effective internal linking to properly “cluster” your content, now it’s time to begin looking for gaps where new content can be added.

Gap analysis…