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SEO that Works in 2019
and Beyond…

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SEO has come a long way.

Google has added a never-ending stream of PHDs to its team – and what it takes to rank has evolved from an Amoeba to a Google Penguin or a Google Panda or whatever animal Google calls its next update.

Google’s algorithm is no longer a one-celled organism and it’s no longer one dimensional.

What worked yesterday no longer works today…

The techniques even the largest companies utilized to push their websites to the top of the Search Engines in the past would now be a liability for your business.

Google has evolved and so must we. Google won and if we want sustainable rankings for valuable keywords we must give Google what they want…

How Do We Give Google What they Want So Google Will Give Us the Rankings We Want?

We start by giving the searchers of the “search term keyword” the exact experience they’re looking for with a fast loading, mobile-responsive and easy to navigate website design.

Then, we begin to acquire the signals Google uses to determine the value of a piece of content – mainly links to the content from websites that Google trusts.

The key is the way you approach these “link opportunities”. You’re dealing with real people, and you need to find a way to convince them of the value you’re bringing to them.

You’re building relationships and relationships are a two-way street. Come across needy or like you just hit send on an email to 500 people and you’re headed to spam and you’ve just burned a bridge.

But come across as a real, friendly person with something of value to offer and you’ve just earned a link… another step towards higher search engine rankings and more traffic to your website converting into more clients for your business.

Effective Search Engine Optimization that Works Today is Entirely Customized to Your Business and Your Market…

Gone are the days of maintaining lists of targets you apply to every campaign.

Now it’s all about relevant links:

  • Does the website have any real reason to be linking to you?
  • Is the linking opportunity related to the industry you operate in?
  • Is it in the same location you service?

You want the right links from the right locations and you get them by contacting the right people in the right way…

… and you make sure that link is pointing to the right page on your website that has the right message for the person searching (and the right offer so they convert into a client or lead for your business).

Google has changed, and now you need to come correct to get ahead of the pack and leave your competition eating your dust…

You need to give Google the content Google wants to rank… and you need to acquire the signals Google uses to determine what ranks at the top.

And Google tells you! All you have to do is search for the keyword you want to rank for (employing rank tracking software if you’re not in the specific location if it’s a local term ie “auto repair near me”) and Google tells you what its top 10 best effort at matching the content it thinks searchers want.

All you have to do is beat what you see. You know what the content is that Google’s ranking – and you can use tools to determine the backlinking strategies that were employed to get there.

-James Day

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